prontoport provides case study for market leading renewables publication



prontoport provides case study on condition monitoring for market leading renewables publication.

Condition monitoring is now commonplace throughout the conventional power industry. Here, such generators tend to be run for long periods of time at constant loads and it is relatively straightforward to record changes due to potential failure modes using standard signal processing techniques.









Challenge and opportunity

When considering the wind energy industry, the variable speed operation of many modern WTG represents both a challenge and an opportunity to the application of an ‘intelligent’ gearbox condition/fluid quality monitoring system.

The need for effective condition monitoring with more precise information about a particular failure mode and accurate gearbox failure prediction is critical with onshore wind but becomes ever more acute within the offshore environment.


With the focus now on real-time monitoring the company is working exclusively with leading industry sensor manufacturer Poseidon Systems Ltd (Established 2010) to provide detailed insight into the health state of in-service lubricants and associated WTG equipment.

It is a misconception that commonplace off-line monitoring methods (elemental analysis and a particle count analysis) can provide warning to impending gearbox failure. Real-time wear particle counting, sizing, concentration and classification (ferrous and non-ferrous) greatly improve fault detection.

Real-time means data from installed wind turbine sensors is retrieved and analysed as it is recorded. Analysis software compares measured signals with their expected values. This allows for a move from reactive and preventative maintenance to proactive maintenance, increasing system longevity and decreasing downtime.

Capabilities include

• Online wear debris monitoring

• Online oil condition monitoring

• Online viscosity sensing

• Online water contamination monitoring

• Multi-sensor fluid monitoring systems

• Offline ferrous wear debris monitoring

• Several data collection and customer data portal solutions

Working together

Prontoport and Poseidon Systems provide the sensing capabilities necessary to reduce WTG operations and maintenance costs through real-time lubrication health monitoring. The combination of Prontoport technician experience and Poseidon’s technical know-how has overcome shortcomings, especially in the most-costly planetary stage gearbox problems.


Prontoport Ltd is an ISO accredited, Achilles UVDB, FPAL and Linkup registered Engineering Services Company and since our founding 8 years ago, Prontoport has been involved in more than 50% of all renewable energy projects around UK waters.

Since 2012 Prontoport Ltd technicians have installed and serviced wind turbine condition monitoring systems across various turbine manufacturers with recent installations on Vestas V47 and Siemens SWT- 2.3 machines.


The company provides independent engineering support services within the renewable energy and oil and gas sector.

Nearly 10 years on since their founding, they have carried out servicing and repairs on well over 50% of the UK’s wind farm assets.


• Power and Utilities

• Electro-mechanical Services

• Asset Management

• Training (GWO/RUK)

• PPE Services

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