prontoport to launch gearbox inspection and fault-finding course


Prontoport are a multi ISO accredited, leading provider of engineering support services to the Renewable and Oil and Gas sectors and in alignment with our RUK/GWO and ECITB Training Academy we are delighted to announce that early in the New Year we will be launching a Gearbox Inspection and fault-finding course along with our OEM industry partners.









what this course will cover:

The purpose of a WTG gearbox and an understanding of the various types (Planetary, Helical)

Health and safety risks of working on a WTG gearbox

Installations & Alignment in accordance with OEM specifications

Lubricant and fluid degradation within a gearbox

Oil Sampling and Debris Analysis

On-Site Gearbox Health Checks including:

  • Preventative & corrective maintenance using an endoscope for visual inspection to identify potential failure/fatigue on bearings, shafts & gears

Which means:

  • Reduced down time when potential issues are diagnosed early

  • Longer components life

  • Image capture for reporting

What to look out for:

  • Micro and Macro pitting

  • Fatigue and wear

  • Scoring and scuffing

  • Cage failures

Condition & performance monitoring programmes including:

  • Acoustic

  • Alignment checking

  • Balancing

  • Vibration analysis

Report writing

  • Structure

  • Photographic evidence

  • Action plan and remedies

  • Certification

For further details and course dates, please call us on 01294 274558.

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